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Hotels In Fujairah

Plan your holidays to Fujairah to experience the wealth of culture and charm only witnessed in this particular emirate. It is a famous travel hub that links all parts of the UAE, and is fast becoming a tourist draw that promises an unforgettable escape to all those who visit. So if you are looking for the ideal spot to host a weekend break, a week-long escape, or a month-long vacation, Fujairah is the place to be! Perhaps one of Fujairah?s most famous attractions is its beautiful Al Badiyah Mosque, which dates all the way back to the min-fifteenth century. It evokes a rustic feel as it is constructed entirely out of bricks and mud, a far cry from the glamorous mosques that dot the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Fujairah is also famed as the only emirate to face the Gulf of Oman, which means that you can hire a boat to visit the idyllic islands situated off the mainland. Take a walk around the local souq if you want a glimpse into the local flavor, and snag some charming gifts and trinkets to take back home. The town of Dibba is a popular spot within Fujairah, as it features imposing castles and fortresses that must be explored. Book your all inclusive holidays to Fujairah via Hotelslog, your convenient online travel portal!

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