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If you prefer a holiday in a city then Dallas is the perfect place for you. Depicted in a TV series in the 80?s of the same name, it has skyscrapers, designer stores and high-class restaurants. Everything here is super-sized and can not only make for a fun holiday but a great cultural experience as well with the memorial to the J.F.K Assassination, fine museum and the set of the Dallas TV show. It is an exciting and unique destinations that is home to its world famous cowboys and cheerleaders. Dallas has more shopping malls than anywhere else in the USA making it the best place for shopping. If you wish to make your Dallas holiday even more fun you can visit the Dallas Zoo, Fair Park, Dallas Aquarium and most enjoyable of all the State Fair of Texas. If you enjoy sports why not watch an amazing game of American football played by the Dallas Cowboys or a game of basketball played by the Dallas Mavericks. Travelling around the city is quite easy with its network of buses, trains and taxis which are available at all times. If you choose to book a holiday to Dallas with Hotelslog you can be sure of receiving the best bargains and amazing deals to fit your requirements.

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