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Hotels In Santa Cruz De La Sierra

Though it is the largest city in Bolivia Santa Cruz has a comfortable laid back feel to it with relaxed and almost tropical like atmosphere, which immediately slows you down and puts you into holiday mode. Holidays to Santa Cruz offer a great combination of modern city life with a more traditional way of life. It is not an uncommon sight to see well-dressed businessmen sipping the popular fermented corn drink chichi at roadside stalls. See cars and horse and carts vie for space on the narrow streets. Visit the ruins at Samaipata which is a scenic drive and offers a glimpse into the past. If you want more journeys into the past be sure to visit the museum at the cathedral which has an interesting collection of artifacts and icons. Another interesting visit is the Jardin Zoologico, which is Santa Cruz? collection of mammals, reptiles and native birds and other wildlife such as pumas, jaguars, bears and even tapirs. A plus point of this zoo is the lovely and pleasing conditions of the animal habitations. The Hotelslog all inclusive holidays take the hassle out of planning a holiday by sorting all travel related needs from flights, to tours to accommodation. So all you need to do is plan the fun you will have and book holidays to Santa Cruz!

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