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Hotels In Curitiba

Founded in the 17th century as a gold-mining camp, Curitiba is considered as one of the best urban planned cities in the world. Today the city has an eclectic mix of Brazilian culture and European influence. The inhabitants of Curitiba enjoy a quality of life not seen anywhere else in Brazil and for a visitor it is a great place to relax and experience a different sort of Brazil. Holidays to Curitiba will include visits to some well-preserved parks that are rich in diverse types of flora and fauna and Curitiba is recognized as the Ecological Capital of Brazil. Theater goers and classical music lovers are in for a treat as Curitiba has several theaters and areas for performances. The city is filled with many places of interest to visit and experience such as the Arab Memorial, the Jerusalem Fountain, the Memory Fountain and the Maria Lata D?Agua Fountain. It is easy to travel around Curitiba as it has an efficient transport system which makes getting around convenient and fast. Hotelslog all inclusive holidays to Curitiba are a great way to enjoy a well-organized holiday where every moment is packed with excitement. All your needs are taken care of from flight tickets to accommodation to tours so that holidays to Curitiba are filled with memory making adventures. So be sure to book holidays to Curitiba today.

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