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Quito is breath taking. There is no other way to explain this beautiful city that spreads across an Andean valley and is flanked by volcanic peaks with an old town or historic center that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A walk through there takes you on a journey through historic colonial splendor. As you walk through it though you realized that despite the setting it is indeed a functioning town with a laid back feel. Just about a 20 minute walk away is the ?new town? area which feels as though it is a world away with its high-rise buildings and government complexes. Holidays to Quito have to include visits to Mariscal Sucre which is a great area to hang out in. It has trendy cafes, cybercaf?s, bars, small hotels and restaurants and has a definite lively vibe to it. While in Quito you have to go to the Purace National Park with its rugged volcanic landscape and thereafter relax on a tranquil beach such as Tolu. Of course be sure to drink heaps of the magical coffee on offer in Quito. Book holidays to Quito and be amazed. The Hotelslog all inclusive holidays to Quito are a great way to plan a holiday with minimum fuss. All your travel needs are take care of from flight tickets, to accommodation to even tours. Hurry and plan a Quito holiday to today!

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