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Hotels In Asuncion

Asunci?n is interesting and will take time for you to truly discover and that is part of its charm. It is a visually stunning city with original colonial buildings and it has a historic section that can be explored by foot. At the same time the city also has modern shopping malls and happening nightclubs so that you weave effortlessly between the past and the present. Asunci?n was founded back in 1537 when independence was declared from Spain and holidays to Asunci?n take you back in time as it was once the colonial capital of the southern South America. Eating is an adventure with the many eateries and restaurants around. You can walk around and absorb the culture and get a feel of the city. Walk to the Bay of Asunci?n and feel the cool breeze on your face as you breathe in the clear air. Book holidays to Asunci?n and enjoy a great mix of past and present. Hotelslog all inclusive holidays to Asunci?n take care of all the planning for you from air tickets, to accommodation and even tours so that you do not have worry about any of the details. Just pack your bags and prepare to have fun!

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