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Hotels In Ciudad Del Este

The border city of Ciudad del Este is located to the East of sunny Paraguay. It is at the triple convergence; the spot that Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet. This place is also home to the gorgeous Iguazu Falls. The bustling city is a major tourist attraction of great beauty. It sees many visitors annually on their way to the falls and is also close to the Itaipu Dam; the main point of electricity supply to Paraguay. All-inclusive holidays to Ciudad del Este from Hotelslog are ideal for travellers unsure of selecting the right hotel or location. Simply talk to our experts for the best deals, perfect location and ideal accommodation within the city. Cheap flights to Paraguay are another guarantee when securing holidays to Ciudad del Este with Hotelslog. The Friendship Bridge in the city links it to Foz do Iguazu in Brazil and is often a busy hub. The city is ideal for setting off on long hikes across the verdant countryside?s and will not disappoint nature lovers. Buses to the falls as well as the dam are readily available from there. Plan and book holidays to Ciudad del Este today!

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