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Hotels In Uruguay

Uruguay boasts a kaleidoscope of attractions from fabulous sightseeing in Montevideo and Colonia to the gorgeous rural beaches where surfing, fishing and other sun worshiper activities are available in plenty. Planning holidays to Uruguay with Hotelslog mean you must first decide on your type of holiday; should you prefer the urban side of life, start you holiday in Montevideo the capital. The uber-chic city is home to many attractions such as ?The Rambla? a 13 mile long road skirting the coast. There you can indulge in walks, drinking coffee, fishing and other leisure activities. In contrast you will relish the cobblestone streets and old barrios of Colonia; more laid back to Montevideo. Shopping is fabulous in Montevideo; especially around contemporary Plaza de la Constitucion the city?s hip centre, home to the museum, vintage cathedral and a beautiful fountain. All-inclusive holidays to Uruguay will help you choose the perfect hotel in the perfect location. Our cheap flights to Uruguay are the best. The east coast of Uruguay faces the Atlantic Ocean this makes the sandy beaches of Uruguay famous for big game fishing, swimming, surfing, and of course sunbathing. Hurry and book holidays to sunny Uruguay today!

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