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Hotels In Punta Del Este

Punta del Este is a resort city in the southern tip of Uruguay. Although the permanent population of the city is less than 10,000, the number swells up to several times that during the summer months, with beach lovers and watersports, yachting, and sailing enthusiasts flock to this well-established tourist city. Holidays to Punta del Este are all about the beaches. One can find fine white sandy beaches and coarse golden sandy beaches as well. The area has excellent tourist infrastructure, with hotels and resorts to suit any budget. The city of Punta del Este has mixed architectural styles, from old colonial to modern, and this eclectic mix adds to the allure. All around the city you will find large houses with well kept gardens, restaurants and pubs to keep you going, a collection of sculptures by talented artists and a spirit like no other in South America. Hotelslog offers all inclusive holidays to Punta del Este, and makes sure yours is a memorable one. Get in touch with one of our experts today, and leave everything to us. Book holidays to Punta del Este with us and experience this resort city in south eastern Uruguay at its very best.

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